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Free Tumblr Give Away!

My family and I have recently got new phones and want to get rid of our old ones. Along with some stuff I don’t use. Reblog by July 27th for a chance to win! The more you reblog the better the chance of us seeing it. 

Must be following:






The give away includes:

1- Gold Iphone 5s

1- Silver Iphone 5

1- Black Iphone 5s

1- Ipad Air

1- Iphone 4s Supernatural case

2- Iphone 5s cases (Lifeproof, and Mrked)

1- Teal Beats Solo Headphones 

1- Prada Perfume 

1- Coach Perfume

1- American Eagle Perfume (Vintage) 

1- Flower Crown Head Band 

5- The first 5 books in The Mortal Instruments Series